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yes, this thread is 6 months old...but apparently never found it until this point. This is not directed at any certain individual or Mangley for that matter, but my comments after this are simple observation recently. To be honest, I am surprised how many people on our development team and the community have pessimistic attitudes towards the world and humanity in is like talking to continual negativity sometimes. Frankly though, I think many of these attitudes will change as people get older. Many people that tell me such things I can see either changing as they get older because most are rather young as of now or having a really sad a depressing life when they get older. There are so many good things about being human and living in the world we do, but we only see the shitty things in life mostly. I don't mean to try to sound above all because I fall into ruts too, but seriously...I see so many more positive things than negative things currently...and I don't watch the news :-)

It is really hard to focus on the positive, but so much more is achieved as well as life fulfillment.

Oh I don't think my views are that negative. I just read back over my wisdom and I'm glad that I still feel the same way about the issues I talked about.

They're honest and to the point about negative subjects, is all.

Sure there are plenty of things to be positive about. But that tends to be on a very personal level that is hard to relate to, so it isn't particularly helpful to people...

(<- oh and watch all that guy's videos, they are the best!)

I'm not actually a pessimist. I'm a cynical optimist. There is a difference!

well, like I said, this wasn't really referring to you..moreso towards other individuals I have talked to. ;)


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