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Mitchell "engineer" Keesee has passed; Compilation of memories for his family

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Hello to the GoldenEye: Source community. I come bearing a sad message and a request for any that this may relate to.

On September 26, 2011, Mitchell Keesee (better known in the various communities he is involved in as "engineer" or "engi" as I will henceforth refer to him, as that's how I knew the guy  :) ) has passed away. I am a dedicated tester and contributor for Firearms: Source and met him in that community, and quickly became very good friends with him. He had talked about his past contributions to this community, and I felt it necessary to address his passing here in case there is anyone here that knew him.

Although I never met engi, he quickly became a very close friend of mine; I talked with him almost daily and gamed with him constantly. I know he had many friends in many communities such as this one, so I also come bearing a request. His parents are extremely traumatized by his passing and only up until recently thought he was alone in life as he did not have many in-person friends, as he suffered from Asperger's and had some trouble with social interaction. I'd like to show them that this is not the case.

I am composing a letter to his parents that will contain any and all eulogies, paragraphs and any other memories that anyone who had the honor of knowing this great guy are comfortable putting forth. I want them to know that he had many friends in many places, and I believe this will put them at some ease knowing that he wasn't alone, and was a happy, devoted and admirable character.

I only have two requests...One, to try to keep the writing as positive as possible, as I think it will help them more hearing about the great things we enjoyed about the guy, and all the good times we had and all of his hard work. Two, if at all possible, please avoid the mention of anything related to firearms, guns, or anything to do with such (this is unfortunate as he has made some of the best weapon sound effects I've ever had the pleasure to test), as his passing was caused by a firearm; I imagine being reminded of anything related to such would bring them more grief, and I really don't want to accidentally upset anyone that is already going through so much grief.

If you aren't comfortable writing something, please don't feel obligated, but I am accepting anything and I feel this would be a great way to honor a great guy. You can post your letters and writings here, or if you wish them to be private, send them to me via an e-mail at

To any administrators: I am not sure if this is the best forum to post this in, and if there is a more appropriate place, it would be greatly appreciated if it could be moved there. If this thread could be stickied for even a day or two I would also really appreciate it; I want to make sure that anyone who would like to help in their small way are able to do so.

In any case, thanks for your time, and best of luck to you all!

rest in peace engi!

Mitchell contributed many of the sounds we use in our mod. He even quoted my praise in his signature, something that can still be seen.

Quote from: basstronix
If sounds had taste, that would taste like bacon.  I love it.

He and I collaborated on a few aspects of the game. He seemed very enthusiastic, so much so that I never really learned much about him other than what he wanted to work on next.

Rest in peace buddy.

I was in the gameserver where "Engineer" (as we always knew him) first expressed his interest in our mod Goldeneye: Source. My memory is not perfect but I remember his enthusiastic essence and as a member of the sound department at the time, I was interested in seeing if he could contribute to our project and recommended he make a trial. Having heard him talk about ways we could improve.

Not a week later he was revitalizing the nostalgia factor he loved so much about the original game, as an official developer in our project. And collaboration was a factor he responded to kindly and wanted a strong result from the sounds he worked on.

I never asked him but I did know about his condition, and I thought he was a very unique and passionate person and enjoyed talking with him. Very keen to impress and do good things in this online community.

Rest assured he was very liked and appreciated by dedicated gamers and mod developers all over America and the world. His sounds live on in the projects he was part of, and people enjoy his work whether they knew him or not. Many condolences from everyone at Team GoldenEye: Source.

Nick F

Rest in Peace engineer.

thanks everyone (and to those for the e-mails), your words will mean a lot to his loved ones.

I'll keep checking this thread daily until I've finally finished the letter, as to which I'll make another post notifying such. If anyone would like a copy at that time, feel free to e-mail me at the address in my original post.

Thanks again  :)


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