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Ok friends, its been a while since I posted here. I just want to get you guys up to speed with the current developments on the programming front for v4.2.

Basically, to kick this off, we have multiplayer bots FULLY implemented as of right now using HL2 AI coupled with Python. This means we can code bot behaviors for each gameplay within python, not to mention everything else that you can do with the AI like setup schedules, tasks, etc. If you are interested, you can read more here:

Secondly, we are starting to look at our old code, the stuff that was written for Beta 3. Frankly, its bad news. Most of it is kinda hacky, not very robust, and worst of all is getting in my way to making a more dynamic environment for future updates. We are presently working on a phased development strategy that will allow us to bring in new features whilst ensuring existing ones don't break.

Phase 1 - Player Spawns

* Fix player spawning into firefights
* Implement toggleable spawns for more dynamic levels
* Create a gameplay entity that fires outputs on various gameplay events
Phase 2 - Weapon/Ammo/Armor Spawners

* Rewrite code from scratch
* Implement toggeable spawns
* Write "ammo checker" debug cmd to see if there are mismatched ammo/weapon spawns
Phase 3 - Teamplay Enhancements

* Update or Rewrite CTK (again)
* Add Teammate icons overhead (toggleable)
* Enhanced teamplay spawn protection (mitigate camping in team spawns)
* Teammate "damage" notice (let me know when I am attacking my own teammate)
Phase 4 - Radar Enhancements

* Rewrite client side radar code
* Implement radar simplification enhancements
Phase 5 - General HUD/VGUI updates

* Prototype: Your death notices always remain visible for X secs, they will scroll to top and "stick" there until expired

Rick Astley:
This is awesome news

People have been complaining about spawns for a long time, The first phase is great news, I'm glad it wasn't forgotten.

For toggleable spawns for ammo/weapons/armors, Will there only be an "On" and "Off" option or will there be options about putting a longer/shorter respawn time? (I guess not but just wondering.)

--- Quote ---Teammate "damage" notice (let me know when I am attacking my own teammate)
--- End quote ---
This is very, Very smart, As I often run on new players that wastes their ammo on me for 10-15 seconds until I tell them "Same team."
This should be toggleable though.

--- Quote ---Implement radar simplification enhancements
--- End quote ---
I'm not sure what that one is, If you don't mind clarifying this to me, Please.

All in all, Pretty good news, Man.

By toggleable, I mean via map entity logic. This has nothing to do with the respawn timing..

The radar enhancements are still being refined behind closed doors so I will leave it vague for now.

Thanks for the bots man!

I love you all!  :-*


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