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SSL's Blog #2: ge_library

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I agree that basement is pretty good as-is.

I think you are on the right track with stack, altough I think it's still a bit industrial for a library. A lot of those cool old libraries have a bunch of ornate woodwork, wrought iron railings, chandeliers, and such. Stuff like those busts in the first pic.

And a shitload of books. Rows of floating bookshelves in the middle of the rooms would probably screw up the gameplay, but I would try and completely line the walls with them, up to the ceilings. Maybe ditch those standard bookshelves that there now.

I agree really needs to be wooden shelves lining the walls and full to brim with books.

Find a way for me to have sex with your map. NOW.

Jonathon [SSL]:
The positive feedback makes me feel a lot like working on this map again, I'll probably make a set of custom textures/props for Basement for the next release at the very least.

Does anyone have any good reference images of things they'd like to see added to the map?

It would be nice if Basement had the Stack feel to it, Instead of feeling dark and gloomy.


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