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Not an Application as such


I applied before, I got rejected. You accepted what seems like 10 different web designers. and yet, we're still on the "temporary design" which has been standard since...August last year.

So, I made a new design. It's just a template, and it's only one page, so some of the links don't work, except those to subdomains (forums, wiki, bugtracker)

If you reject it, fine. I'll work on improving it. But let me say one thing. I've followed this mod for a while. Then I left, and came back. And you lost everything from the last 6 months, because, it appears, you don't have anyone doing the grunt work. I know what you REALLY want is someone who can knock you up an awesome website and all that, but you've been through a lot of people who could and none of them did that.

I don't promise an awesome website. After all, I work with HTML, PHP, and CSS. I can't do flash, or anything fancy. But what i can promise is I'll look after the place. I make regular backups of everything i own, all over the place. I have a number of websites, which, when changed, i save in numerous locations so if something dies i have at least 2 backups. In this case, I'd back up the GE:S site every 2 weeks or so because of news articles etc changing the page content.

I won't ask to look after the forums, but I will recommend you make backups often. Again, I'm admin of enough forums to know regular backups are vital.

All I want to do is help. Get a real web designer, I don't claim to be one. But I'll, as I said the last time I applied, look after the place. I'll keep it up-to-date with what's going on. I have 15 months off work, because school is over, so time isn't an issue.

At least consider the extra help. You don't want to lose another 6 months of work.

Replacement Design:

Oliver Lea (olileauk/Marvin)

I dont like the artistic ability... but he has my vote due to his desire to help. We can find something for him to do.

As i said, it's not an application for my webdesign ability. More an offer of help. I just happened to have made a GES design which I thought I'd throw out there.

Sean [Baron]:
As much as it may seem like there isn't progress on a new website, there is. We are actually very close to launching a new website, but these things take time to make a proper website that we feel is needed.


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