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3DS Max to Source Max Toolbar



Someone did it!  I was going to do this if I got into source engine stuff again since I know scripting now.

But god damn... I don't think Valve even has this..


Awesome! As I'm looking into starting modeling this should really come in handy.

Haha... yes... someone did do it! Actually, when you posted that, the tool was still very early (I later wished I hadn't shared it until it was a little more polished). I've been posting updates about it here in the GE forums too: http://forums.goldeneyesource.net/index.php/topic,5648.0.html

PS. There is a new update with texture exporting features. Docs are at http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/using/export_textures.html

As soon as I finish the tool I'm planning on making a 3ds > Source 2d skybox exporter just to make that go a lot faster.

Great discussion here about the 3D max to source max. I am reading the rest of the forum for more interesting points. Thanks


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