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There are still DATs to be found!

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Mike [fourtecks]:
There are still a few DATs left hidden in some of my levels. I'm creating this topic to hopefully get some interest to finding them. Please visit the stickied topics for a per-level discussion/findings.

The best one, which is in ge_control, has yet to be found. Unlike all the other ones, this one is not hidden in plain sight, but instead requires a few key presses. It's a small little puzzle which can be found in the main room.

As a reminder, there is an extra DAT in facility_backzone which was accidental.

The Cy:
found it in control ;D nice green light puzzle

xD nice Zelda sound.

Found it too!
You should make more of these. :D

I found the DAT using spec, but I can't figure out the sequence to reveal it normally. Any hints?


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