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Alright, i've taken about an hour and a half and sort of rushed through a small map... I must admit its really not my best work :S
Its just a quick build, since I am currently busy with exams and things like that, but when they are over, I will put more time and effort into some sample work, or just make this map much better...

Of course, you could take a look at these few not completely finished pics, and if you want, give me some sort of trial (dunno?).
I am capable of:
-3d skyboxes
-large outdoor environments
-decent lighting (even though the lighting in the following pics are crap :p)
-prop placement
-brush architecture (in the pics, the architecture isnt very good... sorry)
-scripted sequences (even though they might not be required in this mod, more SP mods)

I've been mapping for a while now, and I will be able to dedicated quite a bit of my time to this project (several hours a week, (4-6) )

Anyway, here are the screenshots...

Anyway, sorry if I dissapointed you, I'll try to muster up something more decent in the future. (next set of sample work or whatever it may be)

Anyway, what I am looking for in this project is mainly a good learning experience, and of course, having some fun as well.
Oh, and good luck on your project, if this doesn't turn out in the end...

-bacon333 ( My e-mail is, and my hotmail is )

Ryan [Saiz]:
Could we see some more map pics because thats just a room. Even I a modeller with very little hammer skills could do that.

I know, I can't think of anything to map though... have any Ideas? (I always run into this problem :( )

I'm not sure how you're expecting to impress us and find a spot on the team when in your application you say that "I must admit its really not my best work" and "the architecture isnt very good... sorry" and "even though the lighting in the following pics are crap".

We're not looking for people with a basic understanding of operating Hammer, we're looking for talented people who can craft a gorgeous map to today's visual standards while paying homage to the N64 classic. If you feel you qualify as such, I would strongly recommend taking the necessary time to create something that you're proud of and that you feel will impress us. Spending 30 minutes in Hammer won't cut it. I can promise you won't make it onto the team displaying this level of work.

This isn't a personal attack, if you're skilled we'd love to have you. But as an applicant it's your job to prove to us that you're right for the position. Please come back when you feel like you don't need to make excuses for the work you're showing us.

When recruiting, we look for experienced applicants.  Experience means you've done it before, again and again.  If you have nothing to show us at the time of applying, you most likely do not have the experience required.


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