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Author Topic: Position Requirements & Application Guidelines (read before posting)  (Read 7795 times)

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We here at Team GoldenEye: Source are always looking for people to help us create one of the best modifacations for Half-Life 2. If you feel you have the goods to be on our development team, you've come to the right place.

Please review the position requirements listed below.

Latest positions (august 2011)

1. Public Relations/Video
  • Good understanding of writing practices, and how Public Relations works.
  • Be proficient in video production within  Source engine, and skilled in producing polished content.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

2. 3D artist
  • Primarily seeking talented Character Modelers
  • Secondary roles for Environmental Art and Texturing
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

3. VGUI Designer / 2D Artist
  • Requires proficiency in 2D design
  • Ability and experience with Source engine VGUI design
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

4. Animator
  • Requires you to do select animations for characters
  • Ability to animate weapons and any other misc. field necessary
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the field; Prefer 2+

Universal Standards
  • Be able to work well with a professional team.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism and apply it to a project.
  • Be able to see a project through to completion.
  • Be available to contribute opinions, and time each week to your project(s).

Environment/Prop Artist (Actively Seeking)
Ability to model efficiently with clean topology.   
Ability to properly unwrap and lay out uvs for texturing.
Ability to texture a model to the quality standards of GES.
Ability to create proper normal maps from geometry and texture sources. 

Character Artist (Actively Seeking)
Thorough understanding of anatomy.
Ability to model clean edge loops that allow for proper deformation.
Solid understanding of Zbrush/Mudbox. 
Ability to model efficiently for use in the Source engine.   
Ability to properly unwrap and lay out uvs for texturing.
Ability to texture a model to the quality standards of GES.

Level Designer (Actively Seeking)
Extensive experience using the Hammer editor. 
Thorough understanding of complex brushwork.
Thorough understanding of multiplayer flow and gameplay considerations. 
Ability to create or re-design a map for multiplayer gameplay. 

SFX Designer (Actively Seeking)
Solid understanding of audio recording.
Experience in recording foley.
Ability to manipulate sound to a specific need.

C++ Programmer (No Openings Available)

Shader Programmer (Actively Seeking)
Be versed in DX8.1 - DX10 shader algorithms
Possession of the Source SDK

Animator (Actively Seeking)
Ability to create efficient and emotive character animations for in-game use.
Ability to create efficient and emotive weapon animations for in-game use.

So you've reviewed the requirements, and think you would make a good addition to the team.  Great!  In order for your application to be considered, please adhere to the following guidelines and application requirements.  Create a new thread in this forum with a title that includes the position you are applying for. In your thread please include the following information:

-Position applied for
-Relevant Experience
-Programs used

In addition to the requested information, you MUST include sample work for all Art, Sound, and Design applications. Your application will not be accepted unless you include a decent amount of work that reflects your skills for the position you are applying for.  Your work should be high quality, in a finished state, and relevant to the position you are applying for.  Part of what we look for is the ability to finish projects, so WIP work will not help you unless it is able to stand on its own merits. 

If possible, please display images within the thread itself, and provide direct links to all other work. Cite all things relevant to the work (programs used, wireframes if needed, etc).  If other people were involved in the creation of the work, be sure to state exactly which parts are your work.   

Please treat your application seriously, and use proper punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability.

After you post an application your work will be reviewed by the current development team.  You will most likely receive a good amount of comments, critiques, and questions from all areas of the dev team.  The dept lead for the position you are applying for will review your application, and make the final decision on whether to move your application to trial status.

Once you have received the go-ahead from the dept lead, your account will be upgraded to trial status, and you will be able to view the trial member forum.  Review the trial guidelines that are posted in the trial forum, and create a new post requesting a trial.  The dept lead will post a trial project for you to complete, and if you are able to complete the trial to the satisfaction of the dev team, you will green-lit by the department lead and managers, then brought on as a full developer. 

Thanks again for applying and for showing interest in our game.


GES Dev team
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