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Mike [fourtecks]:
This thread is for a previous release of the map. All spots have been changed for Beta 4

If you are feeling bored and want to go an a hunt, there are 7 "DAT Cartridges" hidden in ge_facility. Can you find all 7? Some may be in dark locations, so use your flashlight if you need it (to enable, enter "mp_flashlight 1" in the console). They are small cartridges, but you can identify them because they say DAT on them.

Warning: Users may post their findings in this thread. If you want to look for them yourself first, don't read the replies just yet!

I intended to have this Easter egg hunt available in ge_control, but didn't find the time to add it before release. In a future update, ge_control and ge_facility_backzone will have this "feature".


I knew it was some kind of easter egg! I accidentally stumbled across one in the ventilation shaft above the restroom (In the part where you couldn't go in the original N64 game because a metal screen blocked it off). Now since I know there are more, I am going to go back hunting!

Why does it say DAT on them. I thought a cooler idea would be to have the GoldenEye 007 cartridge instead.

"The dat tape is a magnetic tape used for storing audio and computer data. Bond must collect a DAT in Silo and Aztec. "

I kinda like the idea of them, like a Easter egg in a Easter egg.

--- Quote from: major on June 19, 2008, 10:40:43 pm ---WOW, found all 7, now I need to find the hour I lost looking for them ;)

--- End quote ---

One above the door in silo room. ;-)


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