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Goodbye Nickster

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--- Quote ---"And finally there is a part of me that is really looking forward to finding out the answer to one of life's great mysteries. Is there life after death? What is out there? So many people go about their daily lives unconcerned with the fact that they are nothing more than an ant upon a huge rock flying through a universe so large it can't even be imagined. The universe is so vast, what is my part to play in this thing called life? Nobody knows for sure what happens to our souls when we depart this plain of existence. I am going to find out. I think it's going to be something both unimaginable and great. I will see you on the other side."

Nick was very proud of his involvement with this mod. I don't know how much he had been involved lately, but although very sad, I thought I would share the last paragraph of his good bye to us. In our thought and prayers. God Bless.

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--- Quote ---Hi,
I can't tell you how impressed I have been reading the posts.The majority of them are moving and touching. This message is to you but you can post whatever information I give you. The prayer posted by lo-fi and the entire post by jeo (May 26,302am) were used at Nick's service. The service was beautiful. It made us all realize the gift we had lost. The comments by the people who knew him were humorous,uplifting and enlightening. You could tell how many people he had touched in a posistive way.

As most of you know from communicating with him over time Nick was an intelligent,funny and caring person. Nick has been fighting the dark side of depression since his early teens. This event has been replayed in his mind for as long as I can remember. Nick had been in and out of treatment many times over the years. I credit his mom,brother and sister for never giving up on him. His family has always been there for him through this all. Anyone getting to know him would never know. He hid this dreppression from the world very well, even us. We really believed he was over the hurdle for a long time now. We will really never know the pain and sadness or loneliness he was feeling.

There's been a little confusion on exactly what happened. I was a little upset with some of the posts I read on Digg. but I realize this is the internet. Nick lived in a side by side townhouse. The house on the other side was vacant. He started the grill in the empty apartment next door in the bathroom. I dont believe there was ever any intention for there to be a fire. According to the fire inspector Nick was long dead before the fire started. He just went to sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning.

I hope this clears some things up. I'm findind writing this message to be very helpful in helping me cope. Nick twisted my arm for years to get me to play half life. I've gotten to know and play with some great people. I can't tell you what it means to me to read all the wonderful things people have been writing about Nick. From the bottom of my heart i know Nick didn't want any of us to be sad.

In our thoughts and prayers. God Bless
Don Bishop  (007_sr "Nick's Dad")
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Added November 17, 2006

Despite the success of the mod it is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to Nickster our Goldeneye Source mod leader. He passed away on May 24, 2006, at his home at the age of 27. We as a mod team hereby dedicate this mod fully to Nickster. Tragically his life ended too soon and we as a team wish his family and relatives the best of luck through this difficult time. He would want us to continue on no matter what the costs and we sincerely hope he is in a better place. This mod is for you Nickster from the Goldeneye source team.

Sean [Baron]:
I Salute to you nickster!

As a nick, i feel honored to share the beautiful name with someone who achieved a vision so amazing and which is giving joy to thousands, where others failed.

Here's to successful minds and this mod in his memory!  ;D

Goodbye, nickster. you shall be forever remembered in our hearts and minds.

Goodbye Nickster. You will be remembered.


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